April 30th, 2019.

Sur-Ron has quietly been making inroads in the UK with its powerful range of e-bikes and, in the hands of Urban Moto, is set to inspire the sector with its top-notch-spec models

Sur-Ron was founded in 2014 by three motorcycle and hi-tech enthusiasts with 30 million USD of investment and a team of 40 engineers. Now the Hi-Power E-Dirt Bike is available in the UK in both off-road and road-legal specs, and at prices that won't phase the customer, but will still generate profits for dealers. Today Sur-Ron has a workforce of over 100 developing and manufacturing a range of high-quality E-bikes.

The X Series is a pure off-road model that is 28 times too powerful to be classed as a road legal E-Bike. The L1E road-legal street version will still provide plenty of off-road performance and 30mph road legal power that can be upgraded for full off-highway potential.

The Sur-Ron machines offer a ground-breaking combination of quality, performance and price. Whatever the terrain, the Sur-Ron is capable of enduro, trials, freestyle, hill climbing or back garden fun.

Urban Moto Distribution
T: 01522 589461

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