April 30th, 2019.

You don’t have to spend thousands each year licensing expensive software. Here are 20 free alternatives to boosting small business output.

Lloyds Bank has revealed that British SMEs with low digital capability could unlock up to an additional £84.5 billion turnover if they were to embrace technology. However, many entrepreneurs baulk at having to buy expensive software packages outright or license Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) when the bill could run into thousands of pounds each year for small businesses on razor-thin margins.

Yet there are plenty of office productivity solutions out there that don’t tie you in to contracts.

Providing your workstation, whether it’s a desktop or mobile, is up to date, there are plenty of free alternatives to expensive software packages.

Some of these apps listed below use the freemium model, where entry-level functionality is offered for free, but you have to buy bolt-ons to unlock the full potential of what the app can do.

Some platforms are funded by advertising, while others offer a free version as a way to scale up quickly.

Here are 20 free options for boosting your business productivity that don’t involve tying up hard-earned cash flow:

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