May 17th, 2019.

Get on board with the ebike movement and ease cashflow too by leasing from Sur-Ron.

Sur-Ron importer Urban Moto is now offering a bespoke B2B leasing plan with repayments from as little as £169.97 per month over two years for a single unit, and from just £791.12 for a batch of five machines. Multi-bikes and terms of up to five years are also on offer.

The Sur-Ron ebikes in both off-road and on-road guises are already making a mark in the UK and proving to be popular with riders of all ages, from 12-years (off-road) up. Demand is such that many of the machines due in on the next consignment are already spoken for, but Urban Moto has a rolling plan that will ensure supply meets demand.

The X Series is a pure off-road model that is 28 times too powerful to be classed as a road legal E-Bike. It is already established as a profitable model for dealers around the country and at electric off-road parcs.

The upcoming Sur-Ron L1E road-legal street version promises to provide plenty of off-road performance and 30mph road legal power that can be upgraded for full off-highway potential.

Benefits of Leasing:
• Bespoke B2B Motorcycle/eBike leasing and funding.
• Equipment, accessories, helmets, clothing, service plans and even first year insurance can be included.
• Lease Rental is 100% tax deductible.
• You don't have to pay the full cost of the asset up front, so you don't use up your cash or have to borrow money
• Leasing/funding for up to five years. (Leasing and Business HP)
• One payment only in advance.
• Ownership 100% at end of lease - the benefit of both leasing and hire purchase.
• Guarantees can be used for new businesses, etc, - business, personal, council or government.
• Bespoke B2B funding for training bike fleets, signage, office/workshop fit outs, vehicles, etc.

Off-road X Series version
Colours: Grey, silver, green, blue, red, orange
SRP: £3995 inc VAT

On-road version L1E Moped
Colours: Grey, silver, red, blue
SRP: £4495 inc VAT

Urban Moto Distribution
T: 01522 589461