June 7th, 2019.

Alongside core crash protection items, Hampshire-based R&G is now offering motorcyclists complete protection from the elements thanks to its new Corrosion Shield product.

Made from a blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water, the spray-on solution protects all surfaces of the motorcycle from rust.

Easy to use, the solution can be applied before, or after a ride and on clean, dirty, wet or dry machines. Corrosion Shield is just one part of the upcoming R&G Gleam range, which will help keep customers machines sparkling clean and protected, whilst offering the trade a new line of profitability.

R&G Corrosion Shield is available now.

SRP: £8.99 750ml, £34.99 5-litres

Contact: R&G
T: 01420 89007