May 30th, 2019.

Oxford Products has restocked its supplies of Advanced Rider Series clothing after the range proved just too successful.

“Every stitch of clothing we were able to produce sold far faster than expected,” says Oxford’s Henry Rivers-Fletcher, “Which was both fantastic and frustrating. We’ve had to make special efforts to cope with demand.”

As Rivers-Fletcher outlined to Trader last year; “Our Essential Rider Wear range fulfills the mid-market sector, while our new Advanced Rider Series is an all-new portfolio of high-performance garments sitting within the next price point up.”

He explained how studying spending trends had; “Revealed a gap for more expensive adventure touring garments,” leading him to identify that “No-one offers a laminate jacket in the £250 price range, and no-one has a high specification three-layer jacket for around £200.”

The Advanced Rider Series range comprises two different jacket and pants sets, namely, Mondial – a laminated, integrated two-layer construction - and Continental, a modular three-layer outfit. The Mondial jacket is priced at £250.

The entire range is now back in stock.

Contact Oxford Products for more details;
T: 01993 862300
E: info@oxfordproducts.com