July 18th, 2019.

ScooterExpo is a new event jointly organised by ScooterNova Magazine and ScooterLab.UK. It is a single-day scooter fest that’ll be held on Sunday the 28th July at Alfreton Leisure Centre in Derbyshire.

Custom scooters, classic machines, restorations, oddballs, street racers, live demonstrations, special guests, traders with top brands and more. Sponsored by Lexham Insurance and Putoline Oils, ScooterExpo will bring together people who love scooters, by people who love scooters. 

Aside from a hand-picked and curated selection of the finest scooters in the land, ScooterExpo will also boast some of the most well-respected traders in the country. They’ll be showcasing their latest parts and offering special deals on the day. Showgoers will be able to watch live demonstrations of customising techniques from a top airbrush artist, a pin striping specialist and a craftsman upholsterer who specialises in scooter seats and covers. A trio of scootering legends will also be hosting an informal question and answer session during the day and a busker will be playing outside in the chill out area, where street food and craft beers can be quaffed, whilst lounging in vintage deckchairs - hopefully in the sunshine.

ScooterNova Magazine and ScooterLab.UK are both independent scooter publications, ScooterNova is a bi-monthly, quality printed magazine run by Andy Gillard, whilst ScooterLab (or SLUK as it’s known) is an online magazine and web shop run by Iggy Grainger. Said Grainger; “We wanted to put on a joint summer show that’s a bit different to the norm, with a relaxed vibe and quality traders and exhibits. The 100 entrants we’ve selected are the cream of the crop and span the last 35 years of scootering.”

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