July 19th, 2019.

An investigation for ITV News has found evidence of an illegal market in poor quality counterfeit motorcycle helmet imports being sold cheaply online which, says the report, authorities seem powerless to halt.

The new findings have led to warnings from police and trading standards, along with calls for more action to stop the unlawful sales. Adverts in online marketplaces and social media offer helmets for as little as a tenth of the usual price with reassurances that they have full safety certification. Many are counterfeits using the logos of reputable brands, while others are simply low-quality imports.

Mark Mayo of the British Standards Institution explained to ITV News how to spot a fake, and the report features a counterfeit AGV helmet that broke apart and split during a test designed to simulate a crash at just 30 mph. "The helmet split from front to back, the rest of the head is then exposed to further impacts which will just cause even greater injury. The results are quite shocking,” said Mayo. “To think there are people out there with those helmets on thinking they are getting protection is very worrying. Fatalities will ultimately result from people wearing that helmet and expecting to be protected. It’s a potential tragedy waiting to happen.”

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Pictured: On an authentic AGV helmet, the E-number is located on the strap