August 21st, 2019.

Back in stock with specialist trade distributor ATVs Only, the Vortex is no “piggyback” ignition. It is a complete stand-alone ECU for the Yamaha YFZ450R sports quad - simply remove the OEM ECU and plug this in its place.

Just about every quad racing Pro champ is using this system which provides the following features;
• Improved bottom end power and throttle response
• Improved top end and over rev power
• Better starting and stall prevention
• Higher rev limits
• Fuel timing for improved atomisation and response

The Vortex is pre-programmed with 10 performance fuel and ignition maps meaning all the work is done, and it’s instant with no wiring to worry about. A programmable voltage boost circuit maximises spark energy across the entire rev range and diagnostic flash codes test for sensor faults. The robust design is fully encapsulated and O-ring sealed.
SRP: £768.00

Contact: ATVs Only
T: 01280 848426
E: sales@atvsonly.co.uk