May 9 2008.

Black Horse Motorcycle Finance has recently enhanced its GAP product to dealers, which gives their customers the option to recover the funds necessary to replace their bike in the event of it being written off following an accident, fire or theft.

Called "Return to Retail Price" GAP, this product has been specifically designed for the bike market, and now covers everything from scooters to superbikes up to the value of £25,000. It's also backed by one of the UK's largest insurance companies - AXA Insurance UK plc.

With almost 50% of all bikes only covered for Third Party, Fire &Theft, the Black Horse policy makes perfect sense. It not only covers the rider for fire and theft but, if a customer is hit by a third party and subsequently claims from that third party, Black Horse GAP will cover any potential losses - a unique benefit over competitors' products.

Being a bike orientated product it also covers manufacturer approved bolt-ons and approved alarms - fitted at time of sale and on the original invoice. This element helps dealers maximise profitability by adding the extras at original point of sale, so they are covered by the GAP.

Another unique benefit of the Black Horse GAP product is that customers can choose to protect against compulsory insurance excesses by choosing the 'excess cover' option, which will cover up to either £250 or £500.

John Anderson, Sales Director for Black Horse Motorcycles says, "All in all, this enhanced product offering should make it much more attractive to customers, and much easier for dealers to sell. It's quick and simple to arrange, and is available to all customers, whether or not they have funded their bike through Black Horse Motorcycle Finance.

"Return to Retail Price GAP also helps maintain business relationships and encourages repeat business, as customers have the freedom to purchase another motorcycle straight away, without having to find additional funds."

If you want more information about how to maximize your profits simply call Fiona Robertson, PR Manager for more information on 0131 311 2127.