May 16 2008.

National Motorcycle Week rolls our on the 13th - 19th July to promote the benefits of motorcycling and the fun and freedom associated with two-wheels.

Research conducted by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI), reveals that one in six Brits spend the equivalent of an entire working day travelling to and from work in the course of a week, totalling almost two years of solid commuting over an average working life.

This annual, international campaign emphasises how motorcycles can help to reduce growing traffic congestion, stress on the roads and provide a fun and cost -effective mode of transport.

This year the theme is 'Spread The Word' as the industry is encouraging more people to get into motorcycling before new legislation is introduced in October 2008. The new legislation will mean that people will have to complete more difficult tasks to pass their test and probably travel further to take their test.

The industry is saying 'Spread the Word' to

• Get on two wheels at
• Lose the L plates
• Do something different
• Take a friend for a ride
• Watch a race
• Go off-road
• Hold an event
• Ride to Work

Craig Carey Clinch, MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, "Ride to Work Day on 16th July highlights that motorcycling has many benefits for commuters and other road - users. Using a motorcycle to travel to work can help to cut congestion and reduce the amount of wasted time spent in traffic jams.

"Two -wheel travel also cuts journey times and in the light of the rising cost of living and the ever growing costs of travel fuelled by rising petrol costs and taxes it is a more cost-effective and convenient form of travel."

During National Motorcycle Week, riders and friends get together to hold events, such as charity fundraisers, BBQs, competitions, picnics, group rides and join in with other activities that are held by dealers and other associations such as BikeSafe.

The MCI encourages all people who are involved in motorcycling to do something during the week to get more people onto two wheels and promote the fun and freedom associated with riding.

A new website has been created for people who want to find out more about getting into motorcycling and there will also be a range of resources, posters and downloads available for people who plan to organise events.

Existing riders can also get more information from the industry's website and anyone who is interested in running an event can download a pack from. in June.