September 14 2006.

Harglo-Performance, who distribute the Italian brand of Malaguti Grizzly mini-crossers, predict a resurgence in demand for quality European mini bikes this Christmas.  The Company, which has over three decades experience of supplying children's motorcycles, believes that recent Government initiatives to clamp down on illegal mini bikes, including confiscation of stock from some of the less reputable traders, is driving customers back into traditional motorcycle dealers.
Harglo has adjusted the pricing of its Malaguti Grizzly mini bikes and trade prices now start at £340 + VAT for the RCX10, which is suitable for children from 4 years and over.  Unlike many Chinese imports, with claimed top speeds of 50mph (!) the Grizzly is specifically designed for children. The Morini engine is restricted to 1.5bhp, although it can be tuned relatively simply as the rider increases in confidence.
·        Made in an ISO 9002 European factory; meets current European standards.
·        12-month warranty with full spares and technical support.
·        Sub-£500 retail price
 "The Malaguti Grizzly is a mini bike that dealers can buy and sell with confidence," says Harglo Sales Manager, Ben Matthews. "The bike, manufacturer and distributor all have a proven track record and that's proving really important as stories of rogue traders and sub-standard machines spread among the buying public."

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