September 17 2006.

Vemar's VTXE touring helmet will appeal to riders looking for a well-specified helmet that offers an outstanding fit and high levels of comfort. 
The VTXE stands out among other helmets in the sub-£150 price bracket because it uses three sizes of outer shell to create a total of EIGHT sizes, from XXS (52cm) - XXXL (66cm).   Most motorcycle helmets at this price point use only one size of outer shell (occasionally two), which will have different amounts of padding fitted during production to create a variety of sizes, from XS-XL.  However, the Vemar VTXE has THREE outer shell options, the first for sizes XXSmall to Small, the second for Medium and Large and the third for sizes XLarge to XXXLarge, which means more choice and a better fit for customers.
The outer shell is manufactured from lightweight TRICOM carbon/aramidic/fibreglass materials and weighs just 1490g.  Push-to-operate vents are positioned on the chin bar and crown, which work in conjunction with an exhaust vent beneath the spoiler.  Like Vemar's racing helmets, the VTXE features a quick-release visor with an FIA-inspired 'safety catch' to prevent it popping off in a crash situation. 
Inside the VTXE is a plush removable and washable lining treated with Antimicrobial Sanitized Protection to ensure it stays fresh.  Vemar are unique in using polyurethane memory foam to manufacture the cheek pads, which retain their shape even after extended use, unlike traditional foam padding.  It is fastened with a simple to operate quick-release buckle chin strap.
The Vemar VTXE Alkon helmet is approved to ECE 22.05 and carries the ACU Gold Badge for motorcycle sport.  It is available in sizes XXS - XXXL in plain black priced at £119.99 and in a grey damasque graphic for £139.99.  All other colour schemes come in sizes XS - XL, with the unicolour titanium and silver at £129.99 and the Atlantis Evo graphic in blue, red and grey at £139.99.  The Damasque graphic in red and blue is also £139.99.

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