May 19.

Due out in August 2008, Haynes Publishing will launch the autobiography of motorcycle racer James Whitham entitled James Whitham, What a good do!

Universally popular British motorcycle racer, James Whitham relates a life of hair-raising crashes, race success, on-track scuffles, serious injuries, and most gravely of all his battle against lymphatic cancer. After six chemotherapy sessions in less than five months, Whitham returned to his day job racing 200mph Superbikes. This amazing rollercoaster story reveals the true James Whitham, an ordinary guy with exceptional talent, who had the courage and determination to not let anything beat him - not even a life threatening illness.

Assisted by experienced motorcycle photojournalist, Mac McDiarmid, Whitham tells his story candidly with honesty and humour.

Whitham's racing career lasted 18 years, during which time he secured three British titles and for well over a decade was a world-class rider, competing in World Superbike, World Supersport, Endurance and Grand Prix. He was a hard- charging racer with a colourful character, making him one of the most likable riders of his generation amongst fans and fellow competitors.

Sometimes moving, often frank but always riotously funny, James Whitham, What a Good Do, will be one of the most riveting reads in motorcycle sport.

James Whitham: What A Good Do, By James Whitham and Mac McDiarmid. Foreword by Carl Fogarty, Hardback, Haynes Publishing, RRP: £18.99, ISBN: 978 1 84425 492 7