June 3 2008.

Summer's here, your bike's out of the garage and now parked up whilst you're at work, or in front of the TV - or is it?

With many motorcycles being hot targets for steal-to-order networks and opportunist thieves, tracking where your bike is at any given moment is absolutely key. Unfortunately, many tracking devices haven't been worth the purchase price and have certainly hit the pocket thanks to their on-going monthly charges.

But now that's all changed. Motorcyclists can sleep more easily at night if they hook up with revolutionary, new tracking device that makes protecting your motorbike simplicity itself.

Tramigo T22 TrackMeBike is the answer to a biker's prayers, being a round-the-clock watchdog giving you the nod the minute your machine unexpectedly moves.

Despite being an amazingly slim, small and unobtrusive device, the size of a cigarette packet, its capabilities really pack a punch.

Easily fitted in less than 30 minutes by the average purchaser, the Tramigo T22 has an in-built motion sensor, triggered the moment anyone makes a move on your bike. Movement causes the T22 to send a text message to up to ten authorised mobile phones, advising you as to what's going on.

The alert provides a grid reference you can instantly pass on to the police, to advise them where your property is located should the thieves have made off with the bike. The device enables you to keep a continuous eye on where your machine is travelling using highly advanced GPS satellite technology.

You do not need to rely on a lucky sighting, or the police checking out etching, chemical or ultraviolet marketing, as you have your finger on the pulse and can tell them exactly where it is. You can even get updates every 60 seconds!

You can also send text messages via the T22, to assess its position. It will reply with a grid reference of the nearest landmark, or a Lat Long reference. Using your PC and TrackMeGo software, you can actually see the exact location live on a map. This could be useful if you are trying to assess where friends or family may be, if they have borrowed your machine and are en route to a final destination.

Thousands of bikes are stolen each year, in particular Japanese superbikes, but only around 16% of these are ever recovered. Many superbikes are not insured for theft, because the cost is too prohibitive, or because the owner has been refused comprehensive insurance due to having no garage, or thanks to a previous claim.

The Tramigo TrackMeBike T22 addresses these issues, along with the fact that around eight in ten bikes are stolen from home - often while you are sleeping.

To get an alert in the night, or at any other time, from the T22, you need only shell out £249, as a one-off cost, including power installation lead, battery back up and SIM, carriage and VAT. The only other expenses relate to text messages sent. These can be minimised, according to which of five cellular networks you choose to adopt.

The T22 has an in-built gazetteer of 10,000 landmarks and up to 500 others can be added by the user, whether these are parking places, regular meeting places, or work locations.

A bike thief can steal a bike in 15 seconds, but in even less time, you can be fully aware of what is happening, simply by referring to your mobile.

Slashing the costs associated with normal tracking devices, makes the T22 TrackMeBike a hard-to-resist security and peace-of-mind option.

For more information visit  or call 0800 6800 869.