June 4 2008.

The superior performance of Michelin's Pilot Road 2 and new Anakee 2 motorcycle tyres has been demonstrated in tests by an independent organisation, CERM (Centre d'Essais Routiers Mécaniques).

The Pilot Road 2 was tested against the Dunlop Roadsmart as an update to previous tests against six major competitors' sport touring tyres. The Anakee 2 tests compared the tyres to two direct, major-brand competitors - the Metzeler Tourance EXP and Bridgestone Battle Wing.

In both cases the tests involved two criteria: wear resistance and wet-surface grip.

The initial sport touring tyre tests, conducted in 2006 and 2007 compared 120/70 R 17 and 180/55 R 17 Pilot Road 2 tyres fitted to Suzuki Bandit 1200s with six comparable tyres from other premium manufacturers and showed that the Michelin tyre not only lasted longer than its rivals but also offered better wet handling - two performance characteristics previously thought to be irreconcilable. This performance advantage was proven again in the 2008 tests against the Dunlop Roadsmart.

The 110/80 R 19 and 150/70 R 17 Michelin Anakee 2 tyres were tested for longevity in a convoy of three identical BMW R1200GS motorcycles that travelled a total of 4,872 km. Each of the bikes was equipped with a set of one of the three tyres involved in the test.

Lap time was chosen as the best comparative measure of wet-surface grip. Each pair of tyres was mounted on a BMW R1200GS equipped with a data logging unit and test riders were not told which tyres they were using for each run.

Riders of high-performance adventure touring bikes generally have to choose between grip and tread life. However, the new Michelin Anakee 2 delivered the same level of wet grip as its two rivals while offering at least 29% longer life.

To ensure fairness, the Michelin tyres were chosen at random by CERM from production-runs at the factory and the competitors' products were purchased from European distributors.

European magazine tests in 2008 have confirmed these results with the Pilot Road 2 coming top in tests by Motorrad in Germany and Moto Revue in France. Both publications included a comprehensive range of tests including stability, handling and braking in wet and dry conditions.