June 4 2008.

German magazine PS recently tested a selection of the latest sports tyres from each of the major brands and the ContiSport Attack, with its updated compound came out with outstanding results: Leading German magazine 'PS' pitted the tyres against each other on all aspects of motorcycling, including cold weather performance, braking stability, straight line stability and of course handling, which was measured on the test track.

The ContiSport Attack was up against stiff opposition from the other established tyre manufacturers, with big reputations. The Sport Attack excelled against tyres such as the
Dunlop Qualifier RR, Metzeler Sportec M3, Michelin Pilot Power 2CT and Pirelli Diablo Rosso and equalled the score of the Bridgestone BT-016.

The Sport Attack didn't drop many stars, in fact it only dropped four in all (46/50) meaning that cold running, handling, precision, cornering stability and braking stability were all given top marks with the testers commenting that riding their bikes fitted with this tyre 'made them smile within the first few metres'. This achievement was made possible by new engineering developments like the continuous compound technology, which has been incorporated in the ContiSportAttack since 2007. In addition, the use of aromatic-free oils, which was also introduced in 2007 under the aspect of sustainability and environmental protection, also enhances the efficiency of the latest ContiSportAttack. An achievement that keeps the ContiSportAttack at the top of the current super-sport tyre range.

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