June 6 2008.

CBES Security Systems has teamed up with the motorcycle sales arm of a major European vehicle dealer to develop a security system that is perfectly suited to the very unique demands of such sites.

Motorcycle dealerships are distinctly different to their four-wheeled counterparts in that apart from the machinery, they also display a wide range of very expensive and desirable accessories such as clothing, helmets, etc., and this makes them even more attractive to the criminal fraternity. The only deterrent open to most dealerships is to have the showroom permanently lit at night, but this is both hugely expensive and environmentally damaging, especially when replicated across multiple sites. So, whilst the method was effective, burning electricity through the small hours in order to light showrooms and other areas drains profits.

The solution is to take an output from the intruder alarm  and connect it to a FastTrace remote access video transmitter. The FastTrace is also linked on site to a lighting relay at the distribution board. Now, if the intruder alarm is activated, the monitoring station receives a signal and has the capability to remotely activate the internal lighting on-site, allowing it to see clearly what is going on. After checking and securing the site as necessary, the lights can then be turned off, again by remote control.

This ingenious solution not only ensures that the operator reaps the benefit of reduced lighting costs - benefiting the environment at the same time - but also allows it to maintain its intruder systems on police response by verifying any alarms before callout, eliminating false alarms. A satisfactory result all round.

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