June 9 2008.

Left to Right - Andy Dingley, Ron Haslam and Gary Hartshorne

Following a successful launch in the UK, Bridgestone's new Battlax BT-016 has received a further endorsement from racing legend Ron Haslam.

The Ron Haslam Race School has announced it will be using the Battlax BT-016 after successful trials proved the tyres to be a significant development on the BT-014 tyres, which it will replace.

The race school, which has worked with Bridgestone for 13 years, started using the BT-016 this month. The tyre will be used on all Honda CBR 1000 RR and Honda CBR 600 RR bikes - a total of 62 out of the 96 bikes ridden at the school, which offers expert tuition to riders of all levels and is based at Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit. The other 34 bikes ridden at the school are also shod with Bridgestone tyres.

Ron Haslam, founder of the Ron Haslam Race School, comments: "The BT-016 tyre is a step up from the BT-014 it replaces, a tyre I have had much experience of on my race school bikes. The feedback on BT-016s is great - they are much easier to manage once they reach the limit of their grip, giving plenty of notice and making them very predictable. They are excellent in wet conditions and I found the performance and durability to be first class.

"It's quite remarkable really, considering this is a road tyre. I have ridden on race tyres that don't give as much feedback as these - I can't fault them."

The BT-016 has successfully transferred Bridgestone's five-layer compound technology, used to produce hand-made MotoGP tyres, on to the production line, bringing MotoGP technology to all riders for road and track use for the first time.

The new tyre will provide total handling improvements in all riding modes and test have proven better contact feel, feedback, stability and grip.

Andy Dingley, senior analyst at Bridgestone, comments:

"We are delighted that Ron Haslam has chosen to use the BT-016 and are confident that it will prove a welcome and noticeable progression for riders who are looking for maximum performance and grip.

"The BT-016 is about removing the compromise that riders have to make on tyre choice and delivering optimum performance both on the road and track. We want all riders to benefit from the success that we have had in the MotoGP arena."