June 12 2008.

The motorcycle industry is calling on employers to provide better facilities for employees who ride motorcycles, scooters and mopeds to work. The call from the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) comes on the back of a trend towards low-powered machines that are increasingly being used for the daily commute.

The MCIA is asking employers to recognise that PTWs (and bicycles) make commuting sense by providing dedicated and secure parking areas.

Last month, moped sales increased by over 47 per cent, following a nearly 50 per cent increase in April (compared with the same months last year). To the end of May, moped sales are over 20 per cent up, and scooter sales are also on the increase with a 5.7 per cent jump over last year. The UK's best selling bike in May was a 125cc Yamaha, typically used by novice and commuter riders.

Dealers are also reporting greater interest in smaller-engined new and used powered two wheelers (PTWs), with customers saying that they have had enough of road congestion, the cost of fuel and expensive and uncomfortable public transport.

"There are clear indications that people have had enough of sitting in traffic jams, getting nowhere very fast," says Craig Carey-Clinch of the MCIA. "Petrol and diesel prices are unlikely to drop significantly, journeys are long and stressful and cars are difficult and often expensive to park in town centres or at rail stations.

"Public transport is not a cheap alternative, is often inconvenient and the experience frequently unpleasant. A commuter bike saves time, is low cost, better for the environment and easy to park. It's also unlikely to attract a work place parking tax that local authorities are now threatening."

The MCIA is asking employers to encourage people out of cars by providing adequate parking space for PTWs as well as bicycles - preferably under cover and with security measures such as built-in ground anchors. Dedicated changing rooms would also be welcome.

July 16 this year is Ride to Work Day, a highlight of National Motorcycle Week running from July 14 - 20. The industry's campaign, Now's the Time, draws attention to changes in bike test legislation and highlights the advantages of motorcycling. The changes take effect at the end of September and the MCIA provides helpful guidance at