June 12 2008.

Following an amicable negotiation with the Card family, and effective 15th May 2008, Netherton Industries Limited has announced the purchase of The Brough Superior Engineering Limited, together with the assets of The Brough Superior Engineering Limited. This follows the earlier acquisition of Brough Superior Motorcycles Limited.

The acquisition includes the patents, the intellectual property rights, and the exclusive rights of the trademark and logo, of the historically renowned company.

The transaction is the brainchild of Mark Upham, the manager of British Only Austria GmbH, [purveyors of early British motorcycles], and, who has been appointed CEO of the new Brough Superior operation. Mark Upham, 51, is a life long enthusiast for Brough Superior motorcycles. He expressed his thanks to Mr Card for protecting the Brough Superior assets during the period in which he was the official custodian.

Pictured above: Mark Upham with the 'Rolls Royce of motorcycles'.

A full company policy statement will follow in due course. In the meantime it should be stated that the company's intention is to preserve, protect, and promote the prestige and momentum, which continues to attach to the Brough Superior legend.