July 4 2008.

Following on from the successful CBR1000RR exhaust, LeoVince has announced these new slip-ons, plus the optional decat, for the CB1000RR naked version.

There's a choice of SBK-GP at just £277 including vat, and the SBK-Factory, in titanium, for £430 including vat.

Both these exhausts are slip-ons and can be fitted to the stock catalyst.

The SBK-GP sports a special shot-peened effect, easy clean finish, and the can is a very short and stubby 37cms in length (14" in old money!).

'E' approved and road legal, with removable db baffle - a superb throaty sound!

The SBK-Factory is available in a titanium casing with carbon tailcone, or titanium with a complete carbon fibre outer / tailcone.

Slightly shorter than the GP at just 35cms in length, with carbon fibre support strap as standard spec, the SBK-Factory silencers give a deeper, more bassy exhaust note, and are incredibly light, shaving 50% off compared to the standard can / cover. 'E' approved with removable db baffle.

For those that want more power, and a throatier sound, LeoVince has designed an SBK-Decat conversion to eliminate the catalyst. Manufactured in 304 stainless, this is a 2-into-1 layout and simply bolts onto the stock headers. The decat is designed to fit with the stock exhaust, or SBK slip-on's. Price £173 including vat.

Great margins on these products, with technical back-up and advice.

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