July 8 2008.

Coocase offers a unique solution to motorcyclists who require safe and secure storage on their bike. Through innovation, high-quality design & development, Coocase offers a practical, stylish & secure luggage system.

With the introduction of ILOC to the line of stylish top case designs - detachable luggage carriers with remote control locking system is no longer a concept but a technology available to all. 

Coocase represents innovation, appeal, security and functionality:

• Remote control electronic locking system

• Automatically locks after 15 seconds

• Non-slip remote with a 50 metre range

• Tamper proof dual locking system

• Waterproof

• Inner-cushioned liner for your cargo

• Stylish design

• Integrated led brake light

• 30% weight saving over plastic injection moulded luggage

• Interchangeable lids to personalise your luggage

SRP from £109.99 to £129.99. Available in 28 (Fusion) & 36ltr (Wizard) versions

And for a limited period, with every four Coocase top boxes ordered, you will receive a FREE high quality Coocase instore POS stand!

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