july 11 2008.

Footwear is every bit as important to women motorcyclists as it is to the characters in Sex and The City, according to figures compiled by one of the UK's leading motorcycle clothing retailers.

"Our top two selling lines of ladies clothing are motorcycle boots," confirms David Watkins, Finance Director at Infinity Motorcycles, which has showrooms in London, Peterborough, Southampton and York.

However, it seems that function is every bit as important as form for female riders, as the best selling models of boot are both waterproof.

"This suggests that women motorcyclists are riding throughout the year," adds Watkins. "Although our best-selling boot retails for under £100, the next most popular model sells for over £200, so our female customers clearly don't mind investing in quality brands."

Until relatively recently women had to make do with buying smaller size men's boots, but over the past decade products styled and shaped to flatter the female form have become more widely available and the evidence from Infinity is that these items have hit the right spot with British women.

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