July 17 2008.

Following the introduction of the new Triumph EFI Bonneville, renowned Triumph specialist Norman Hyde is now offering the 'sounds of the sixties' with his traditional styled Classic silencers. Not only that, but also more power and more torque and all without the need for re-chipping or any re-mapping of the engine management system!

"Our silencers not only offer a deeper more distinctive engine note but our extensive dynamometer testing has also shown a 7bhp power increase and a 9% increase in torque from 3000 rpm virtually throughout the rev range, and all this with absolutely no adjustments to the ECU" says Norman.

When Triumph reintroduced the Bonneville to its range enthusiasts warmly welcomed it as a modern version of a true classic. However, customer feedback showed that many owners hankered after the style and spirit of the 'old days' and amongst Hyde's extensive range of parts and accessories, his selection of silencers for the carburetted versions has already proved a top seller. Now tested for the EFI version, they are the simplest route for that classic sound with enhanced performance.

Entirely hand made and chrome plated in England, the silencers contain stainless steel wool lagging to ensure that the deep note and performance will not deteriorate with mileage and come with optional tail pipe mutes for two levels of sound.

The Hyde Bonneville Classic silencers even offer better ground-clearance, can be used with centre stands and are supplied complete with all necessary fittings and clear instructions.

Bonneville Classic silencers sell for £327.24 including VAT per pair.

Call 01926 497375 or visit for details