September 22 2006.

Acumen has re-engineered its popular Cat 3 self fit alarm to create a security device that is simple to fit and offers owners control over its many features from the remote key fob.  Acumen has achieved this by introducing components from its pro-fit CAT1 'Thatcham-approved' system into the DIY-fit alarm to create the new CAT3.1.
The 'invisible' parts that make the Cat 3.1 stand out from the competition are the use of surface mount technology for reliability, which also gives a class-leading low current draw of less than 5mA, so this alarm won't put excessive strain on the battery. The Cat 3.1 uses a true movement sensor, in preference to the less sophisticated shock sensors used in budget alarms, which is better suited to motorcycles, because its level of sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the machine and environment. Fully encapsulated electronics ensure a 100% waterproof construction.
The 118dB siren will be triggered if the motorcycle is moved or any attempt is made to hot wire the bike.  However, Acumen has built in many other features that the owner can operate via the remote transmitter, (which is also waterproof and boasts a multi-coloured LED display), giving the owner the option to increase/decrease the sensitivity of the nudge sensor to suit circumstances. The remote transmitter can also be used to choose automatic arming, to adjust the sensitivity of the movement sensor and to put the alarm into 'ferry mode'.  Meanwhile a cool BLUE LED status indicator lets you know what's happening. No specialist technical knowledge or tools are required to fit the Acumen Cat 3.1 - in its basic form only three wires need to be attached! The Cat3.1 can also be upgraded to use the unique CAT1 flip-fob.
The Acumen Cat 3.1 comes complete with key fob remote transmitter, all necessary wiring looms and simple to follow fitting guide, priced at £89.99 inc. VAT at 17.5%.

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