September 27 2006.

The BRP EXIT concept, an innovative motorised recreational vehicle designed to provide the highest fun factor with the lowest amount of horsepower, has won a prestigious IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards) 2006 Design Explorations Silver Award from the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America).
BRP, with its portfolio of motorised performance vehicles for on-and off water including Can-Am ATVs and Sea-Doo watercraft, conceptualised EXIT, a 4-wheel vehicle powered by a low horsepower Rotax 4-TEC engine. The skeleton is a minimalist steel centre beam known as Surrounding Spar Technology (S.S.T) frame, which is the same used on the Can-Am ATV range, providing strength and a lower centre of gravity for extra stability and better handling.
The BRP EXIT concept is in between that of a trail motorcycle and a BMX bicycle.  Its distinctive rear-entry platform creates a new kind of man machine interaction resulting in a new way of riding and 'working' the vehicle. It allows the rider to discover new tricks and continually improve his or her riding skills.
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