July 28 2008.

Luggage specialists Ventura has released the touring potential of KTM's new 150bhp RC8 superbike with a specially developed 'bike-pack' system, capable of carrying over 100-litres of kit.

What makes Ventura unique, and uniquely suitable for sports bikes with minimal bodywork, is the neat metal frame, custom-made for the specific model, which supports the luggage pack securely above the pillion seat. Because the pack is supported by the rigid frame, it is rock steady at speed, (independently tested at over 180mph), so it combines the secure fastening benefits of hard luggage but the light weight and flexibility of soft luggage. Also important to sport bike owners is the fact that both pack and rack can be stripped off in seconds, returning the machine to its original minimalist appearance.

Ventura packs are produced in 35 to 56 litre sizes, comparable to the capacity of most soft panniers and hard cases, and can even be zipped together to provide a massive 102ltre capacity. Situated as they are on the bikes centre-line, they have less effect on machine balance than side panniers, so they won't affect sports bike handling. Such is the flexibility of the bike-pack system, if a passenger is carried then the pack can simply be reversed, leaving the pillion with plenty of space.

With carrying handles and shoulder straps, the pack is easily carried off the bike and if no luggage is required at all, the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds and replaced with a Grab Handle (£19.99) or Sport Rack (£38.99).

Durable, easy to fit and simple to use, the system pictured features L-brackets (£89.99), Pack-Rack (£43.98) and 51-litre capacity Spada Pack, (black, red or blue at £99.99). Total cost = £233.96.

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