July 28 2008.

Following on-track development Venhill has released a race specification braided steel front brake line kit for Triumph's three-cylinder super sports middleweight, the Daytona 675.

Venhill's race kit replaces the original brake line set up with two individual braided hoses that run directly from the master cylinder to the calliper on either side of the front wheel, for enhanced feedback and control. Venhill Powerhose Plus kits are simple to fit because they are model-specific and are designed to directly replace the original items.

Venhill's British-made brake lines are unique because their hoses are produced to comply with both the American DOT and German TÜV standards. In order to pass these stringent tests the Venhill brake lines must withstand a critical burst test at 10,000 psi, (brakes operate at around 25-30psi even under hard braking), a 1,445 Newtons (325 lbs) tensile pull test and a 35-hour whip test to check for resistance to fatigue.

Owners can choose from a range of colours - white, black, blue, orange, red, yellow and light green - as well as regular steel. Prices start at £43.48 including VAT for a twin hose front kit, which includes hoses, banjos, chrome plated steel fittings and factory-fitted rubber guides.

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