August 8 2008.

 Acumen electronics has developed a new plug-in device designed to ensure that aftermarket mini LED indicators flash at the correct rate on the latest Honda motorcycles that are fitted with hazard lights.

Fitting mini indicators is a popular modification, particularly on super sports machines like the CBR600-RR and 1000-RR, but this often results in them flashing too quickly, because the original relays are not necessarily designed to work with led lights. Not only is this dangerous, as it can confuse other road users, but it could result in an MOT failure or being pulled over by the Police, either of which could prove irritating and expensive.

Acumen's new indicator flasher relay is designed specifically for the latest models of Honda that are fitted with 4-way 'hazard' flashers as standard. These bikes have a permanent power supply, so the rider can use the hazard lights when the ignition is off, which requires specific connectors and circuitry compared to regular relays.

This compact PLUG-AND-GO unit directly replaces the OE item and will handle anything from one LED to 100 Watts at a legal flash rate of 70 flashes per minute.

The Acumen plug-in wide-range indicator module for Hondas with hazard lights is supplied with straightforward instructions and sells for £35.00 including VAT.

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