August 26 2008.

 Ten million dollars' worth of custom motorcycle parts are set to be sold in bankruptcy liquidation beginning Friday, September 12, in Fort Worth, TX.

This huge liquidation of excess motorcycle parts for V-Twins and choppers will be held at  American Ironhorse Motorcycle's factory, 4600 Blue Mound Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76106, to sell off excess parts not needed for new production. Liquid Asset Partners LLC in joint venture with Hilco Merchant Resources LLC is conducting the sale.

Bulk sales will begin August 25 through our office sales staff. Dealers and distributors wishing to make purchases should contact Liquid Asset Partners at (616) 719-5917 or they can view the $10 million+ inventory at http://www.liquidassetpartners.com/. "Our office sales staff is ready to help with all orders," says Liquid Asset Partners CEO Bill Melvin. "Dealers or bulk buyers willing to make a minimum purchase of $2000 can purchase through our office sales staff starting today and they can see the full inventory on our website!" says Melvin. "We've got everything needed to make a chopper: frames, wheels, gas tanks, fenders, starters, six speed transmissions, engine parts, tires, plus nuts, bolts, and hardware. We have to sell it all, regardless of cost or loss!"

The inventory is so large that Liquid Asset Partners is giving the industry a few days to place orders before opening the sale to the public from September 12 through September 14. On Friday, September 12 at 9 AM, the sale will open to the general public, and everyone will have a chance to buy what they need. Melvin says, "We have done this before and it was very effective; hundreds of buyers purchased the basics needed to create their own bike for pennies on the dollar. Swap meet dealers and backyard garage mechanics will have a real treasure trove to pick from. Everything must go, so come on in and make offers."

American Ironhorse Motorcycles filed bankruptcy earlier this year and the manufacturing rights have been sold. Now the bankruptcy court order provides for Liquid Asset Partners to sell all the excess parts. Anyone with a V-Twin motorcycle will want to be at this event. There are many parts to fit Harleys, as well as custom bikes, plus apparel and hardware.

The onsite sales event starts Friday, September 12 at 9am at 4600 Blue Mound Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76106.

Buyers can go to http://www.liquidassetpartners.com  for more details.