August 29 2008.

The BMF is throwing its weight behind the Motor Cycle News petition asking London's Mayor Boris Johnson to honour his commitment to allow motorcycles into bus lanes.

Although in a meeting with the BMF back in February, Mr Johnson stated that: "Allowing motorcycles into bus lanes would ease congestion and increase traffic speed", a recent petition by the London Cycling Campaign has now put this view in doubt.

Mayor Johnson even followed this up his earlier statement recently with a request to Transport for London (TfL) to allow motorcycles into London's bus lanes 'before the end of the year', but the petition from the London Cycling Campaign with over 3,500 names asking him to reverse his decision, seems to have caused a wobble say the BMF.

According to MCN, an interview due to appear in the August/September issue of London Cyclist, Mr Johnson says "further consultation must happen before motorcycles can legally use Transport for London's bus lanes" and that he "will listen very carefully to the different views expressed on this proposal".

The BMF say such further consultation is unnecessary. For over twelve years, in fact since before Bristol's bus lanes were opened to motorcyclists in 1996, the BMF have successfully lobbied for nationwide access and after due consultation and trials, towns and cities from Plymouth to Sunderland have opening up their bus lanes with no ill effects.

BMF spokesman Jeff Stone said: "There really is no need for yet more consultation. TfL's own studies have shown real safety benefits for all road users. The cyclist's fears are unjustified. Cyclists and motorcyclists already share the benefits and experience the trials and tribulations of two-wheeled transport in a mixed traffic environment, all we want to do now is share the safety benefits of bus lanes. We now ask all motorcyclist to sign the MCN petition and show Boris we care."

The MCN petition has currently attracted over 3,100 signatures but more are need if we are to influence the Mayor say the BMF.

The petition can be viewed at: or simply signed by emailing MCN at with 'Bus Lanes' in the subject line.