September 1 2008.

Dutch exhaust specialists BOS has developed an ultra-short silencer for the 2008-model Honda CBR1000-RR Fireblade that offers significant weight-savings and a racy exhaust note in a road-legal package.

Measuring just 250mm long, with a diameter of 100mm, it weighs in at a modest 4.2kg, which is 40% lighter than the factory fitted item (at 7.2kg). Not only is the BOS silencer lighter than the original, it releases extra power (up from 165.9 to 167.9bhp @11500rpm when tested for BOS) with additional torque too (increased from 120Nm to 121Nm @8000rpm).

BOS had to design a special S-shaped adapter, both for performance and to fill the gap where the original silencer was placed.

Removable 'dB eaters' are fitted, which the Dutch company pioneered over a decade ago. These will release extra power (and noise) when taken out (for track use only).

The silencer is mounted using a unique mounting bracket that bolts directly into it, so there is no need for an unsightly metal strap to hold it in place.

Two versions are available, in shot-blasted stainless (similar in appearance to titanium) at £369 or in carbon fibre for £449. Prices include VAT, adaptor pipe and fittings.

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