September 1 2008.

Pictured: Real or copycat? This one's a copycat.

Planet Knox, the UK's biggest manufacturer of impact protectors for motorcyclists, has issued a warning to UK clothing manufacturers and dealers about copycat products that have recently entered the market.

Earlier this year, Knox was made aware of a protector which was being offered to their customers by a third party that was not connected with them.

This protector (branded as a "Max Gear Protector") appeared to be a copy of the Knox Air Protector, which Knox originally sold as the predecessor to their current range of protectors. Enquiries revealed that the Max Gear Protector was being manufactured using moulds which belong to Knox.

The company involved in sourcing the Max Gear Protector, Sportsfactory Consulting Limited (trading as Max Gear) has admitted that it was using the Knox moulds for this purpose, and that it should not have done so. It has also confirmed that it has now stopped doing so.

Knox are asking any UK businesses that are offered these Max Gear Protectors to contact them, to avoid any potential legal complications.

"We spend a huge amount of time and money developing CE-approved impact protectors," comments Geoff Travell, MD of Planet Knox. "As market leaders we're used to people copying our products but this is the first time someone has actually used our moulds to produce look-alike protectors!"

Planet Knox Ltd, Cockermouth, UK 01900 825 825