September 3 2008.

German motorcycle engineers SW-MOTECH has developed a matching set of engine and bodywork crash bars to protect the 2008-model BMW R1200GS.

Designed to offer the highest level of protection for this popular adventure sport motorcycle, each crash bar is tailored for an accurate fit to ensure optimum performance and appearance.
Mounting locations are carefully selected, using the most stable points that will prevent damage to the bike in case of an accident.

While the engine crash bars help to shield the vulnerable cylinders that protrude at either side, the new upper / tank crash bars give extended protection for the upper front cowling that surrounds the 20-litre fuel tank.

Fitting the upper bars creates the possibility to install external fog lights too, which SW-Motech offer priced £126.93 including fittings.

No modification to the motorcycle is required and the bars are supplied with full mounting instructions and all necessary fixings. While the engine bars are designed to be fitted on their own, the upper bars can only be attached once they are in situ.

The engine bars sell for £131.24 including VAT, while the upper bars cost £159.55.

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