September 3 2008.

Motorcycle crash protection specialists, R&G Racing is expanding its defence expertise to include riding apparel, starting with Deluxe leather sports gloves.

The emphasis of the all-black glove is on protection and comfort. Constructed from quality cowhide leather, the Deluxe glove also utilises ultra-strong carbon fibre and Kevlar panels. At only £34.99, the value glove easily rivals those costing twice the price.

Protection starts at the palm of the hand using high abrasion resistant, fine leather. Thin enough for optimum machine control, the palm is reinforced with dual protectors to cushion a blow and protect the delicate scaphoid bone in the wrist. The outside of the palm receives further strengthening with a second layer of leather and a non-slip material on the thumb and index finger increases grip of the controls.

The top of the Deluxe glove features a generous array of carbon Kevlar and reinforced protectors. Though ultra tough, the one-piece carbon knuckle guard features soft padding to aid comfort and stifle the effects of an impact. The guard also articulates on a separate section of leather above that of the main glove, enhancing protection and flexibility for the user.

An elasticated cuff with a single large Velcro flap allows the rider quick access into the glove with sufficient adjustability. Resplendent with an R&G logo, the deep cuff also features a reinforced, padded protector on the underside along with a carbon shield on the top to guard the slightly raised Ulna bone at the top of the wrist.

Price £34.99. Sizes S-XL. Black only.

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