September 11 2008.

Riders planning on riding through the British winter will find that a small investment in a can of ACF-50 will pay big dividends in the long run.

Motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to corrosion because the engine, brake callipers and suspension units are all exposed to road spray, which often contains a high salt content due to the grit used in icy conditions. ACF-50 (Anti-Corrosion Formula) was originally designed to protect aircraft from existing and new corrosion and is used by the US Navy for the jets on their Aircraft Carriers. Aviation products have to meet rigorously high standards and ACF-50 holds written OEM approvals from Douglas/Boeing Helicopter, British Aerospace, Rolls-Royce and Learjet.

ACF-50 is 95% product, contains no water content and is not water soluble, so when applied it forms an 'Active' ultra-thin clear film that will kill any existing corrosion cells and will protect your bike against new corrosion forming. Its strong capillary action allows it to creep into all the areas where moisture collects, 'actively' pushing out moisture and replacing it with protection. ACF-50 may also be sprayed directly into electrical joints and components where it will prevent corrosion induced failures. Perhaps most important of all, ACF-50 has the ability to 'chemically neutralise road salt'. Once applied you can see water form beads on contact and literally bounce off.

One application will last up to 12 months on areas such as switches or under the tank/seat, although other more exposed areas will need topping up more regularly. The only part of the machine that should not be sprayed is the brake discs/pads, although ACF-50 may be wiped off with a cloth if these are accidently coated.

ACGF-50 sells for £13.00 including VAT for a 369 gram tin.

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