May 13th, 2020.

The growth of the electric vehicle market means a change in demands on workshops. RS Equipment is leading the charge with the launch of the new ISOL8 e-bike workstation.

RS Workshop Equipment’s ISOL8 range of lifts and complete workstations enable technicians to work on battery-powered bikes.

While mechanical parts, tyres, brakes, suspension, linkages, chains, etc, will remain ‘conventional’, the advent of electrically powered vehicles introduces different considerations on both the safety front and operation by technicians.

The new ISOL8 workstation is one of the first set-ups dedicated to electric vehicles. The range features workbenches and worktops that are coated with a specially formulated compound, designed to provide insulation from the high voltage required during charging, servicing and normal operation of electric vehicles. The patented and CE-certified coating is oil, chemical, solvent and scratch resistant too.

Combined with an insulated floor mat within a taped boundary it offers a ‘safe’ working area for technicians. These systems are now being adopted by electric vehicle workshops throughout Europe and endorsed by leading electric motorcycle manufacturers.

- Patented coating with advanced insulation properties
- Chemical and scratch resistant
- Designed specifically for use with electric motorcycles
- Range of Qube configurations
- Choice of workbench/lifts from 400-800kg
- CE-approved and fully compliant
- Preferred supplier for major manufacturers

The ISOL8 range of lifts are available as EG 400, 600 and 800kg or NANO 400 and 600kg. RS Equipment also offers compliant 250 litre battery storage containers.

Cost: £6,950 (complete workstation; plus VAT & delivery)
Contact: RS Equipment
T:01832 741006
E: sales@rsworkshopequipment.co.uk

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