July 7th, 2020.

Available now from Motul’s UK distributor MotoDirect is this 100% synthetic racing motorcycle lubricant, using ESTER Core® technology.

A high performance lubricant developed to offer maximum engine power to the rider with a better clutch ‘feeling’ and exceptional engine and gearbox protection whatever the conditions of use.

Ideal for;
>Motorcycles fitted with 4-stroke engines with integrated or non-integrated gearboxes and wet or wet clutch.

>Racing engines operating at very high temperatures and over a wide range of revolutions including motorcycles, MotoGP, Supersport, Superbike, all terrain, MX and Quads.

Off-Road use benefits;

>Increased torque - allowing faster acceleration and better control of the bike

>Increased clutch grip - allowing better traction control in tough riding conditions

>Increased gearbox reliability - high shear stability of the oil film

On-Road use benefits;
>Increased maximum power output - allowing faster throttle response

>Increased oil durability - optimizes oxidation stability and engine protection

>Constant engine performance - through outstanding engine cleanness

Available in 1 and 4 litre containers.

SRP: £24.99 1 litre, £89.99 4 litres

Contact: Moto Direct
T: 01773 864420

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