November 10th 2021.

Clear visibility is essential for safe riding at night, and the ground-breaking DialDim™ Lighting Controller from Denali gives motorcyclists the ability to independently turn on/off and dim two sets of auxiliary lights.

Designed to work with Denali auxiliary lighting, the DialDim™ Lighting Controller sets a new standard in LED light control. The single, consolidated wiring harness allows riders to switch their lights on and off, alongside providing the ability to dim as needed. The controller also features high beam, turn signal and horn inputs, ensuring riders can create intelligent flash features such as cancelling aux lights or flashing them with the turn signal and strobing the lights when the horn is sounded.

The innovative, patent-pending dimmer offers riders much more than just the ability to turn lights on/off and dim them. The controller is able to display the exact intensity of the lights. Thanks to the electronically fused circuits, the halo switch can also display, and allow you to select, the fuse values for each circuit. If a fuse trips, the LED halo will turn red, providing realtime feedback and allowing for resetting the fuse It can also double as a battery monitor, with a low-voltage cut-off feature, and the industry-first-designed halo will flash different colours on startup to display battery health.

The DialDim™ Lighting Controller also features Stealth Mode, which features a 0% dim setting on the switch, ensuring the lights will be off during normal driving conditions but can jump to 100% intensity with the high beam switch. To help save space, the controller is capable of being handlebar mounted or surface mounted, in either a horizontal or vertical position.

Costing £158.33 (Excl. VAT), the ground-breaking DialDim™ Lighting Controller is available from R&G now, with full information available HERE.

For more information on the full range of R&G products and dealer opportunities contact 01420 89007 / info@rg-racing.com or an R&G Sales Agent.

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