May 11th, 2020.

VE (UK) stocks a full range of lubricant choices and a fast delivery service to keep busy workshops up and running in these difficult times:


MALOSSI 7.1 SPORT MOTOR OIL – SAE 5W-40 – 1 LITRE. New synthetic lubricant, specific for the use in modern scooter and motorcycle 4 stroke engines with high performance. It offers an excellent thermal stability and stay-in-grade within a vast range of temperatures, with higher anti-rust and anti-wear features. Compatible with catalytic exhaust systems prolonging the life of the catalytic exhaust, higher gas mileage, and a reduction in emissions. A Multi-Grade oil that allows optimum engine performance and easier starts every season. Malossi offer Gear, 2t, 4t oils from their range.


TT Scooter is a low smoke, clean-burning, high performance 2-stroke oil. The product has the following properties: Minimises smoke development Minimises carbon deposits Counteracts fouling on the spark plugs Extends the service life of the engine. TT Scooter is r ecommended for regular and high performance road use. It is suitable for pre-mix and injection systems. Recommended mix ratio: 2-4%. Putoline have oils for all scooter applications.

ENI (was AGIP)
ENI(originally AGIP) was recommended by Innocenti for all its Lambretta scooters. Ferrari also recommend the ENI brand. ENI offer both 2t oil and 4t oil, which is suitable for most engine types. Eni is highly recommended for performance engines. The Formula 1 GP cars use the oils in many of the team competing. All scooters are covered by the ENI range.

To view the complete range of lubricant parts and accessories available from VE (UK), visit: (registration required). 

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