April 11th, 2024.

Dunlop is celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of Trailmax Raid. Developed as Dunlop’s first 50/50 on/off-road offering, Trailmax Raid combines expertise and technology from the brand’s extensive adventure riding and touring range with that from its off-road sector.

Launched to the media amidst the scenic beauty of the Italian Tuscan hills 12 months ago, the release of Trailmax Raid underlined Dunlop’s commitment to developing a range that was able to suit the needs of every rider. Trailmax Raid was introduced in a size kit that covers everything between mid-size Dual-Sport to crossovers as well as large displacement adventure touring bikes.

A trusted tyre choice in the adventure segment
Over the last 12 months, Trailmax Raid has proven to be a popular choice in the trail and adventure segment, becoming the trusted tyre of riders, journalists, influencers, and adventure and experience riding schools across Europe. Many have praised the tyre’s characteristics, highlighting its “remarkable” off-road and “outstanding” on-road behaviour, praising the high levels of confidence it provides when riding on and off asphalt.

Trailmax Raid has also become the tyre choice of several off-road experience centres and riding schools across Europe, where hundreds of off-road riding enthusiasts in the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Greece have learned to hone their off-road riding skills on bikes equipped with Trailmax Raid. The tyre has demonstrated its success in equipping adventure bikes from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Harley-Davidson, among other manufacturers, solidifying it as an ideal choice for novice riders.

In addition, 2023 marked Dunlop's return to EICMA, the world's largest motorcycle show. Dunlop proudly showcased its full trail lineup at EICMA, prominently featuring Trailmax Raid at the centre of the Dunlop stand. This reaffirmed Dunlop's confidence in Trailmax Raid to sit as an exemplary model within its product range.

From off-road to touring: Dunlop has the adventure segment covered
A 50/50 on/off road tyre, Trailmax Raid is positioned in Dunlop’s trail range alongside Trailmax Meridian, and highlights Dunlop’s strongest adventure trail offering to date. Trailmax Meridian offers off-road capability for occasional use, whereas Trailmax Raid is designed specifically for riders who demand more regular off-road performance.

With a range stretching from Trailmax Meridian to the pure off-road D908 RR, as part of a portfolio that includes the incredibly versatile Mutant, the value-orientated Trailmax, Trailmax Mixtour and the globetrotter tyre Trailmax Mission; the addition of Trailmax Raid covers the needs of riders requiring ultimate versatility from their adventure bikes.

“In just one year, Trailmax Raid has captured the trust of trail and adventure riders across Europe,” commented Roberto Finetti, Marketing Manager, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe. “Its remarkable performance both on and off road has made it the go-to choice for riders, enthusiasts, schools, and journalists alike. As we celebrate its first anniversary, we're proud to see how Trailmax Raid has become an integral part of the adventure riding experience, reflecting Dunlop's commitment to providing ultimate versatility and performance across our ranges."
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