August 8th, 2022.

HJC's new RPHA 1 is unlike any other helmet in production today. It is not designed with the road rider in mind. It does not have all the niceties of a road helmet, it is not for pottering.

RPHA 1 is the product of several years of development at the highest level of racing, and its purpose is to optimise the performance of world-class athletes on the world's top race circuits.

The big surprise is that HJC decided to produce the RPHA 1 in large enough volumes to make it available to normal riders.

What you find in the box is the very same helmet used by HJC's world-class athletes in both MotoGP and World Superbike, complete with:

• FIM homologation

• Transparent racing spoiler (optional self-fit)

• Pinlock 120 (highest grade anti-fog)

• Tear-off films

• Dual locking tool-less visor for high-speed use

• Emergency release cheek pads, interchangeable through sizes 2XS-2XL

Of course, there are countless extra features which make RPHA 1 perform, from its SilverCool lining to its wind-tunnel-developed aero and ventilation. But the proposition is as simple as it is uncompromising; take it or leave it, it's a full-on race helmet.

RRP £799.99

For further information, CLICK HERE.

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