April 22nd, 2024.

Motorex has released the brand new premium V-SYNT 4T 15w/50 fully synthetic engine oil, the perfect lubricant for Harley Davidson and Ducati models.

Modern motorcycles have special characteristics and requirements in terms of lubrication, especially motorcycles with modern V2 and V4 engines. For these iconic drive systems, Motorex has created a motor oil that is perfectly tailored to these increasingly popular drive concepts,  the fully synthetic V-SYNT 4T.

Motorex fully synthetic V-SYNT 4T 15w/50 special additive technology guarantees optimal wear protection and exceptional shear stability. The high-quality, fully synthetic base oil ensures perfect lubrication and high-temperature protection for high-performance engines. This quality oil meets all necessary specifications for the latest generation of Harley Davidson Revolution Max engines and the specifications for Ducati engines which require the use of a fully synthetic engine oil. It also meets JASO MA2 standards and is therefore suitable for all wet multi-disc clutches.

The new Motorex oil is available to buy now starting from £19.99 (SRP) (inc VAT) for the 1L ‘X bottle’. Sizes start from a 1L bottle, 20L box, to a 60L drum.

To find out more and buy now, go to Bickers, the Motorex UK distributor, at
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