December 9th, 2020.

Some say that size doesn't matter. When it comes to locks, chains and anchors it matters! The Oxford BEAST is so big it comes with a health warning on the box: WARNING - HEAVY!

With the Beast Lock and Chain being so big and strong you need something beastly to anchor it down. The Beast Anchor is an extra-strong bolt-down anchor.

Double layered in strength and with a hardened steel construction, it really does live up to its name. Weighing in at a whopping 4kg it can be fitted to concrete floors and or concrete/brick walls.

This Beast lock/chain/anchor has undergone rigorous independent testing and has Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond. There is no higher Sold Secure accolade.

Key Features

Resists angle grinder attack

Double layered strength with a hardened steel construction

22mm Beast chain compatible, fits all Oxford chain and locks

Weighs 4KG

Independently tested - Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond

Anti-tamper fittings

All fittings and instructions included

Secured by Design

The Beast meets the high demands of the Police Preferred Specification and has been accredited Secured by Design (SBD). SBD is a police initiative which seeks to achieve sustainable reductions in property theft. By encouraging good design and practice, SBD aims to reduce the demand on police forces and help us all live in a safer society.

RRP £99.99

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