May 14th, 2020.

With a TGB ATV, working through the current crisis has never been easier for those agricultural and utility workers relying on a sensibly-priced, versatile and reliable All-Terrain Vehicle.

Add a five-year, confidence-inspiring, manufacturer’s warranty into the package, and it’s clear to see why so many farm and landowners are choosing the increasingly popular Taiwanese brand to assist with their daily workload.

The TGB range covers capacities from 503cc to 997cc, with prices from just £4,415.00 plus VAT for the nifty TGB Blade 520SL through to a value-packed £8,749.00 plus VAT for the mighty TGB Blade 1000LTX. And, there are plenty of options in between to suit different demands and terrains.

Dualways, the UK distributor for TGB confirms that the TGB five-year warranty is the longest factory warranty offered in the UK ATV industry and, unlike its competitors, is sold within the price of the machine, rather than added on as extra once the standard warranty has expired. It covers components of the vehicle against defects in material or workmanship and parts and labour charges for repair or replacement of defective parts.

Explaining the significance of the extended warranty, Dualways director Henry Maplethorpe said; “We have been working with the TGB manufacturer for a number of years now and have complete confidence in the product. We have put all the machines through their paces in various situations and are increasingly impressed with the quality and adaptability of the range. We know that our customers need a reliable workhorse, and we believe that providing such a premium warranty underlines our strength of conviction in the brand.”

The TGB model line-up includes the Blade 520SL, Blade 520SL EPS, Blade 600SL, Landmaster 600, Target 600, Blade 600 LTX and Blade 1000 LTX. All benefit from the five-year warranty and all machines are homologated for road use.

For model information and stock availability, or to find out how to become a TGB stockist, contact Drew Marshall at the UK distributor Dualways.

T: 01623 708607

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