June 29th, 2020.

Dealer showrooms, workshops and stores are now starting to reopen but, in order to do so, a high emphasis must be placed on keeping staff and customers safe and Covid-19 free.

There are many suppliers offering different forms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). However, for those who want to get top-quality gear and support motorcycle industry businesses, there are several trade distributors providing key items.

T: 01420 89007
E: alan.garrett@rg-racing.com

R&G, the world leader in crash protection products for motorcycles, has used its expertise to create an all-new polypropylene Face Shield.

The fully transparent mask is made from high-quality polypropylene, which was specifically chosen for its robust and durable properties. The R&G Face Shield has been designed to block harmful substances from reaching the wearer’s face, whilst the shield itself can be easily washed with soap and water or chemical cleaners.

The strong frame of the mask simply fits over the forehead of the wearer, whilst a soft and comfortable foam padding ensures it is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

Cost: £8.00 (no VAT applies). Bulk pricing is available on application.

RS Workshop Equipment
T: 01832 741007
E: sales@rsworkshopequipment.co.uk

Available from workshop equipment specialist RS, this smart and industry-appropriate Automated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser will allow showrooms, workshops and offices to continue to follow Covid-19 safeguarding guidelines.

> European design and robust manufacture
> 1-litre capacity
> Battery-powered hand sanitiser dispenser (contactless)
> Available in a choice of colours
> Disposable glove dispenser
> Foot operated waste bin
> Optional face mask dispenser (individually packaged face masks - on request)

This vital piece of equipment provides your customers and staff the ability to stay safe and sanitised.

Cost: £295.00 plus delivery and VAT.

Oxford Products
T: 01993 862300.
E: info@oxprod.com

Oxford Products has high stock levels of hand sanitisers available in 150ml dispensers, or 1000ml top-up bottles

>No water
>No towels
>Easily absorbed
>Quick drying
>70% Alcohol content
>Includes tea tree oil
>Kills 99.9% of bacteria

Cost: SRP £6.99 150ml, £22.99 1000ml – healthy trade margins available.

Oxford has also sourced 100,000 cotton balaclavas to facilitate the safe trying-on of helmets in-store, which will be supplied to Oxford dealers at heavily subsidised prices. The balaclavas will allow helmets to be tried on without the risk of contamination, all part of making motorcycle shops 'COVID SAFE' per the government's guidelines for safe re-opening.

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