July 2nd, 2020.

The Motorcycle Industry Assocation (MCIA) has released further information about the recommencement of Powered-Two-Wheeler (PTW) rider testing.

“In anticipation of the return to testing and training, the MCIA has worked closely with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to ensure that they can take place while adhering to distancing and hygiene rules, thereby minimising the risk to both rider and examiner.

Testing will resume from 4th July, when a new cohort of riders will seek to gain their independence from traffic queues and risky public transport and travel with smiles on their faces. Aspects of the test that have been modified in light of the Covid-19 situation is the requirement for the student to provide their own ear piece, to wear a face covering (a neck tube will be sufficient but it must cover the mouth and nose) and the removal of physical contact between documentation and the student and examiner.

As a continuation of the extensive work that MCIA has undertaken with the DVSA leading up to the recommencement of general training and testing, we will be updating our DVSA-supported Best Practice Guidelines. These will be available for training schools prior to Saturday’s relaunch date.”

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