August 23rd, 2022.

The UK’s most popular electric motorcycle brand, Super Soco, has introduced two brand-new models into its market-leading range of 100% electric two-wheelers. The long-awaited TS Street Hunter and TC Wanderer machines are available in UK dealers now.

TS Street Hunter
The attention-grabbing TS Street Hunter is a motorcycle that exudes style and attitude. It is designed for riders seeking a cool and sporty look and a machine that can tackle the city landscape with ease.

The 2500W engine provides a range of up to 35 miles and a top speed of 45mph – more than enough for the short, urban journeys for which the TS Street Hunter is designed. It is comparable to an equivalent scooter or small capacity machine and can be ridden on an A1 licence or CBT.

The TS Street Hunter has an easily removable battery which can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours from a standard UK three-pin plug. This makes it incredibly convenient to keep the battery topped up, whether in the office or at home, without relying on charging infrastructure.

The low centre of gravity combined with a low seat height ensures optimum riding comfort and stability. The 17-inch wheel rims fit 100/80 tyres on the front and 120/70 on the rear, allowing safe riding in all weather conditions and providing a larger footprint for maximum grip.

The TS Street Hunter is available in Storm Grey, Black, Platinum White and Charcoal Blue. It is priced at £3,799 inclusive of the government OZEV grant.

Both the new machines have the capability to run a second battery doubling their effective range.

TC Wanderer
The adventurous TC Wanderer takes inspiration from vintage motorcycles, with its round headlight, oversized knobbly tyres and wide, raised handlebars. Designed for both urban and out-of-town trips, the unique machine is as versatile as it is eye-catching.

The 2500W Super Soco engine provides a top speed of 45mph, with 2.5kw of emission free power comparable to a small urban bike or scooter. It can be ridden on an A1 licence or CBT and is ideal for new motorcyclists.

The TC Wanderer gives a range of up to 35 miles with its single battery or double that with a secondary, dual battery. The batteries are removable and can be fully recharged in just 3.5 hours via a standard UK three-pin plug, so riders don’t need to rely on charging infrastructure to stay on the road.

The TC Wanderer is available in Ceramic Blue, Vintage Green and Stormy Grey. It is priced at £3,799 inclusive of the government OZEV grant.

Both machines feature easy-to-operate keyless ignition aids and an in-built alarm. A tracking feature boasts industry-leading security, which coupled with the Super Soco app, allows riders to track the bike in real time and monitor the state of charge from a mobile device.

The TS Street Hunter and TC Wanderer join Super Soco’s impressive line-up of 100% electric machines, which push the boundaries of urban mobility. The range includes the entry-level 50cc-equivalent twist and go CUx scooter, the 125cc-equivalent TSx, TC and TC Max motorcycles and the CU mini moped.

Super Soco’s CPx maxi scooter is the UK’s best-selling electric powered two-wheeler of all time, outselling all other electric models as well as many well-established petrol-powered brands. Super Soco machines costs less than 2p per mile to run* and are exempt from road tax, ULEZ and Clean Air Zone charges.

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* Electricity currently costs approximately £0.28 per kWh, so using a Super Soco electric motorcycle means you will spend less than £2.00 per 100 miles

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