April 19th, 2024.

When it comes to motorcycle tyre changers, it’s important to choose a machine that has been specifically designed for motorcycle wheels and takes into consideration the potential damage to rims. RS Workshop Equipment has spent time in ensuring the machines it supplies are fit for purpose.

Here are some features and considerations to look for in the "best" motorcycle tyre changers:

-Non-marking contact surfaces: Look for tyre changers that have plastic components on the contact surfaces and fitting heads. These plastic parts help protect the rims from scratches and damage during the tire changing process. They provide a softer surface that minimizes the risk of any accidental rim damage.

Adjustable clamping: Ensure that the tyre changer has adjustable clamping mechanisms that can securely hold different sizes of motorcycle wheels. This helps prevent slippage or movement of the wheel during the tyre changing process, reducing the risk of accidental damage.

Bead breaker design: Pay attention to the design of the bead breaker on the tyre changer. It should be designed specifically for motorcycle wheels, allowing for controlled and gentle bead breaking without excessive force that again could potentially damage the rim.

Ease of use and reliability: Look for a motorcycle tire changer that is easy to use and reliable. It should have intuitive controls and a sturdy construction to withstand the demands of frequent use. Read reviews and consider the reputation of the manufacturer to ensure you choose a reliable product.

Comprehensive warranty and after-sales support.
When making a purchase of vital equipment you may need to call on consumables, additional training even a maintenance contract – RS is there for you too.

The RS range of Motorcycle Tyre Changers have these points covered, and the RS team can install, set-up and provide initial training to make sure you can do a good job.

Prices from £1,625.00

With the advent ‘Assist Arms’, the like of which can often be found on car tyre changers, are now available for motorcycles. This means that even the most reluctant tyre can be fitted single handed with safety and efficiency being paramount.

The RS range of ProArm assists bring the right guidance and pressure to enable the user to complete their task with ease. No more struggling to hold down a bead and manipulate the wheel/machine all at once. Let the machine take the strain and efficiently mount or demount ‘any’ motorcycle tyre.

Prices from £895.00

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